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ECMAScript 6 Supported Syntax

Ajax Minifier version 5 supports a subset of new ECMAScript 6 syntax. If any of the below syntax doesn’t minify properly, please file an issue on the AjaxMin Codeplex website. Also keep in mind that the ES6 specification is still a proposal – it has not been finalized yet, and is still open to change. I’ve been working from specification drafts on the website. Please also report any out-of-date ES6 implementations in AjaxMin.

  • Surrogate pair escapes in string literals (Section 6.1.4)
  • Octal and binary numeric literals (Section 11.8.3)
  • Extended Unicode escape sequences (Section 11.8.4)
  • Spread operators in array literals (Section
  • Array comprehensions (Section
  • Implicit object literal field names (Section 12.1.5)
  • Generator comprehensions (Section 12.1.7)
  • Template literals (Section 12.1.9)
  • Spread operators in call syntax (12.2)
  • Super keyword (Section 12.2.4)
  • Destructuring assignments (Section 12.13.3)
  • Lexical declarations (let/const) (Section 13.2.1)
  • Destructuring binding patterns (Section 13.2.3)
  • For..of statements (Section 13.6.4)
  • Default function parameter values (Section 14.1)
  • Rest parameters (Section 14.1)
  • Arrow Functions (Section 14.2)
  • Object literal methods (Section 14.3)
  • Generator function declarations (Section 14.4)
  • Class Definitions (Section 14.5)
  • Modules (Section 15.3)
  • Block-level function declaration scope (Section B.3.2)


By default, AjaxMin will begin parsing the input source code as ECMAScript 5 syntax, but will switch to ES6 if it encounters something that it knows is ES6-only. You can use the -js:es6 switch on the command-line to force ES6 parsing from the beginning. For those using the library objects directly from the DLL, the CodeSettings.ScriptVersion property is set to ScriptVersion.None by default; you can set it to ScriptVersion.EcmaScript6 to force ES6 parsing. After parsing source code, you can check the JSParser.ParsedVersion property to see if any ES6 syntax was encountered.

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