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AjaxMin CSS3 Support

CSS3 is an evolving standard. As such, AjaxMin does not claim to have 100% support for CSS3 syntax. However, as I read the CSS3 specifications on, many of the new CSS3 syntax is merely the definition of new properties and values using standard CSS syntax. As such, AjaxMin will support the majority of common CSS3 code. The questionable area is when the new CSS3 rules create new syntax – mostly in the area around new at-keywords. Whenever there is a new at-keyword (for example, @top-margin or @keyframes), AjaxMin need to adjust its parser to understand the new syntax. By default, AjaxMin may output new at-keywords just fine, except for a warning message if the warning level is turned up high enough. If you are using a CSS3 at-keyword (or any other syntax for that matter) that is not supported by AjaxMin, please file an Issue on this site and I’ll address it as soon as possible.

Given that, there are a number of specifications that I believe are fully supported, and a couple that are either partially supported, or are in a state such that I think they may be supported by AjaxMin, but not entirely sure.


Supported CSS3 Specifications


Partially-Supported CSS3 Specifications


If any of the above specifications are not fully supported by AjaxMin and you wish to use those unsupported constructs in your code, please feel free to let us know.

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