Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.66

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Released: Sep 7, 2012
Updated: Sep 8, 2012 by ronlo
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Release Notes

Just going to bite the bullet and rip off the band-aid...


Well, it's a BREAKING change to those who already adjusted their projects to use the previous breaking change's ill-conceived renamed DLLs (versions 4.61-4.65). For those who had not adapted and were still stuck in this-doesn't-work-please-fix-me mode, this is more like a fixing change. The previous breaking change just broke too many people, I'm sorry to say. Renaming the DLL from AjaxMin.dll to AjaxMinLibrary.dll was just a bad, bad move. So I'm going to make hopefully one last bad move and re-break those who fixed the previous break, but unbreak all the other people who have been broken all this time. And I pledge never to rename the DLLs in the nuget package ever again.
  • DLLs are back to being named AjaxMin.dll.
  • EXEs are renamed to AjaxMinifier.exe. Yes, yes; I know: making the same dumb mistake again. But I really can't go back to them colliding with each other. Too many people were linking with the DLLs, which is what they are designed for, but hopefully not a lot of people are linking to the EXE. If you are, you're probably not doing it in a chained-dependency manner. Besides, the nuget package doesn't even have the EXE in it.
  • Fixed issue #18600: case-sensitivity issue with the -debug switch's boolean value, and make debug namespaces automatically part of the known globals space.
  • made the default text encoding when outputting to the console ASCII, because the console can't seem to display the default UTF-8. When outputting to a file, the default is still UTF-8. And if you don't want ASCII to the console, you can still use the -enc:out switch to set it to whatever you want (even UTF-8).
  • Fix Issue #18603: the build tasks do not write the output files if there were errors, but they will if there were warnings.
  • In fixing the previous issue, I noticed that all of the errors were being reported as warnings, so I fixed that. Anything with a Severity less than 2 (0 or 1) is now correctly reported as an error.
  • changed the SwitchParser class to accept commas OR semicolons wherever delimited lists were previously only accepting commas. This is so build tasks can do things like Switches="-define:$(DefineConstants)" and not have to massage the data to be comma-delimited.
  • added separate .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5, and .NET 4.0 DLLs to the nuget package so the consumer can use the appropriate one for the framework they are using.
  • I have also added the AjaxMinTask.dll and targets to the nuget package's TOOLS folder, for those who want to use AjaxMin to minimize their JS and CSS in their project's build process.

Again, I sincerely apologize for the turmoil my bad decision has caused people. Hopefully this will inflict one last ripple of you-broke-me complaints so I can get back on track to frequent bug-fixing and new-feature releases.

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