Logistics, how do we deal with the renaming?

Nov 12, 2012 at 4:22 PM

Okay, I downloaded and installed the minifier works perfectly. Now, the problem is what do I do? 

I have "MyJavaScript.js" file in my html page but it gets minified to ".automin.js" (I changed the default "min" to "automin" so I could tell which ones I minified versus javascript files I am using that were already minified.

Anyway, I can't go and change all of my javascript files that I include to "automin.js" or they will never be minified again, I need to include the normal ".js" files. Futhermore, if I go to publish my site via the VS 2010 Publish feature since I don't include the auto.min.js files they don't get pushed.

The minifier works, it creates minified versions, but how do use them them? We can't change our entire system to include min.js version or on the next build our non-min version will be ignored, I must be missing something here?